At Cross Ends

Today, I made a mistake that exacerbated an already difficult situation. I was torn between the person I loved more than anything in this world and the heavy burden weighing on my soul. Despite sensing that something was amiss, I couldn’t quite grasp what the other person was thinking or feeling. Eventually, I finally snapped; I couldn’t take it anymore. Though I still hold love for this person in my heart, some people cannot be reasoned with, even the ones we love the most. When things end, it ends. There’s no turning back. You can fight for that person and save a relationship, sometimes you wonder whether you could’ve been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning. Giving up feels meaningless, but there are choices. I wasn’t giving up, but I had to choose the path that brought me happiness. Everything else remained possible, but I refused to endure the complexity of the “Paradox of Choices” in order to justify my decisions. Despite the hardship and the memory of a difficult experience, life goes on. It’s important to remember that endings are not necessarily negative; they can create new opportunities and possibilities for growth. Though I struggled and made mistakes, I’m moving forward, and that’s what counts.

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