A Feast of Friends

As we move through life, it’s natural for our friendships to ebb and flow. But what happens when those friendships that we thought would last forever start to fade away?

Here I sit thinking about the feast of friends that once surrounded me, I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness wash over me. These were the people who stood by me through thick and thin, who I thought would have their support.

But as time passed, life got in the way. Our priorities shifted and the closeness we once had began to fade. Suddenly, the people who used to be my confidants and companions were no longer there.

It’s not that they betrayed me or didn’t care, it’s just that we all got caught up in our own lives. We started families, pursued careers, and moved to different parts of the world. And in the midst of it all, our friendships became strained and distant.

Looking back on those times when we were all together, I remember the laughter and joy that we all shared. But now, as the term ‘friend’ is no more, I can’t help but feel a sense of loss. The people who were once so important to me are now just distant memories.

Perhaps it’s just a part of growing up and moving on. But it’s hard not to feel a pang of sadness as I realize that those friendships no longer matter in the way that they once did.

So here I am, surrounded by a feast of memories, but feeling the absence of those once important friends. And as I sit with these bittersweet recollections, I can only hope that wherever life has taken them, they are happy and fulfilled.

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